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Puppy class

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In our puppy classes, you and your dog will learn the most basic obedience exercises, such as sit, down, stand, heel, come when I call, etc. We will guide you through the various exercises and teach you how to move forward in the exercises, so you and your dog become more proficient. You will also gain a greater knowledge of the dog's body language, how to use your own body language and you will get the help and guidance in relation to questions you have for the training. In addition, we help you gain a greater understanding of your dog and strengthen your and the dog's collaboration.

When you sign up for a puppy class for the first time, at, you also have take part in Mandatory Theory.
You will be offered this when you are about to pay for the dog training. You can come as many people as you want to Theory, for the 150 kr.

At, all our Instructors are educated Dog Trainers.
We are using * leading signals, and we are constantly updated in the development of new knowledge about dog training, and  we always offer the best and latest form of teaching and training of dogs.

It means a lot to us that training your dog, always is a pleasure for both you and your dog. We are very passionated about dog training and want to give you, as much knowledge as possible, to take home. We want to help you have a better collaboration with your dog, become better at reading, understanding and communicating with it.

It is our wish at to give people a broader knowledge of dogs and what they contribute to our everyday lives and the world. So everyone gets the dog they want.

There are MAX 6 dogs per. team.
The teaching is 55 minutes.